Since 2004, after studying at the Camondo School, Paulo Oliveira has made several projects, lofts, private apartments, studios, shops, hotels …

The implementation of your wishes and the materialization of your ideas are always present in the realization of each project.

The philosophy of our agency is not to impose a style, but to respect the desires and tastes of our customers, offering some ideas thanks to our whole experience. We have a passion for difference and a concern for the outcome.

Every day, we make sure to establish the best balance between budget, planning and the wishes of the end customer. We constantly strive to find new materials and increasingly innovative processes.

O STUDIO is built around strong principles:

– Listen to better understand, advise and follow.

– Base the inspiration on the specific constraints and environment of each project, in addition to a constant concern with efficiency to better translate the desires of each client.

– Mastering and offering a variety of techniques. Cultivate diversity of creation and promote adaptation to each of the peculiarities of each project.

– Rehabilitate or re-structure the space and draw the furniture in a unique and original way.




The design of spaces